Key Stage 3


Year 7


Adding and Subtracting Decimals    Changng Fractions & Decimals into Percentages…    Changng Fractions into Decimals    Difference between two times    Multiplying & Dividing Negative Numbers    Multiplying and Dividing Decimals    Negative Numbers    Percentage Increase & Decrease    Rounding

Data Handling and Time

Probability    Time

Shape and Space



Year 8


Adding & Subtracting Fractions    Bounds    Expanding Brackets    HCF & LCM    Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions    Multiplying and Dividing decimals    One step equations    Percentage Difference    Ratio    Rounding (1) Sequences    Simplifying Expressions

Shape and Space

Circumference & Area of a Circle


Year 9


Expanding Brackets    Factorising Equations    Fractions – Adding & Subtracting    Fractions – Multiplying & Dividing Powers and Roots    Recurring Decimals    Standard Index Form    Substitution    Two step equations

Shape and Space

Metric and Imperial Units    Pythagoras’ Theorem (1)    Volume & Surface Area


Exam Style Questions 

Algebra – Calculator    Algebra – Non-Calculator    Geometry – Calculator    Geometry – Non-Calculator    Number – Non-Calculator    Mental Maths – Lower Tier    Mental Maths – Higher Tier    Mixed Revision Questions 1    Mixed Revision Questions 2    Mixed Revision Questions 3    Mixed Revision Questions 4    Mixed Revision Questions 5